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Transportation Industry Investigation

Dusty Rose Investigations is uniquely positioned to provide in-depth investigative data to the field of transportation. Founder and lead investigator, Tina Schwarz, leverages 30 years in the industry, a TALI membership, and specialized education to assist her clients with transportation-related investigations of all kinds throughout Northern Texas.

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Investigative Services in the Transportation Industry


The transportation sector is fraught with highly complex legal issues. Dusty Rose Investigations partners with clients who require substantiated intel into situations like:

  • Insurance claims

  • Cargo theft

  • Truck accidents

  • Pre-employment checks

  • And more

With a career history boasting over 30 years in transportation, PI Tina Schwarz is highly adept at navigating niche cases and is intimately acquainted with the rules and regulations set out by the U.S. Federal Government and Department of Transportation.

Get to the bottom of your case once and for all. The Dusty Rose PI agency is your trusted source for diligent private investigation services at competitive rates.

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Start a Case Analysis on Transportation Investigations


Dusty Rose Investigations is adamant that its clients receive personalized service from the outset. That’s why you can consult with an investigator obligation-free by starting a case analysis. DRI will engage you in a confidential conversation and ask you strategic questions to gather pertinent information about the prospective investigation. Together with your assigned PI, you will establish your goals and receive an honest appraisal of the case and what to expect. Included in your case analysis will be a detailed and accurate cost estimate.

Dusty Rose Investigations is licensed to operate all over the state of Texas. However, the bulk of its operations continues to be in Northern Texas. DRI is available for jobs of all scopes and sizes and pledges to conduct investigations in line with in-house core values of professionalism, integrity, and dependability.

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Investigating Truck Accidents

Road accidents are an unfortunate recurrence in the trucking industry, but it can be challenging to pinpoint precisely what happened at the scene of the collision. That’s where investigative work shines. A third-party PI on the case can:

  • Reconstruct the location of the accident.

  • Review the crash report for errors or discrepancies.

  • Investigate safety records for vehicles and cargo.

  • Complete in-depth background checks of drivers, brokers, and companies.

With DRI at the reigns, you can delve deep into the previously unknown details of truck accidents and procure the proof you need. Dusty Rose is thorough and exhaustive in collision investigations and puts together detailed, official reports for your ease of use.

Expedient Trucking Investigative Services


DRI partners with a diverse clientele, including insurance companies, trucking companies, legal professionals, and individuals. Over the years, Dusty Rose has garnered word-of-mouth referrals for diligent investigative work that consistently procures hard evidence and resolves client matters expediently.

Get in Touch with a Private Investigator


Dusty Rose Investigations is at your service for trucking- and transportation-related investigative work spanning Northern Texas. TALI-accredited with 30+ years of industry-specific experience, consider DRI your trusted ally for private inquiries and fact-finding.

Call now to schedule a complimentary case evaluation.

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