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Private Investigator Services

Dusty Rose Investigations is a fast-growing private investigation agency that exists to shed new light on problems big and small. Bring your case to DRI, and uncover the facts with a licensed, professional, efficient, and discreet private investigator on your side.

Get the answers you deserve. Call (903) 647-2996 to set up a no-obligation consultation.

Established Investigation Agency

Dusty Rose Investigations is a registered, full-service agency using compliant, intelligent investigative techniques with state-of-the-art technology to procure clear evidence for its clients. DRI is uniquely qualified to assist with cases in the transportation industry, as trucking theft, accidents, and other claims are an in-house specialty.

Among the other investigative services DRI offers are:

  • Surveillance

  • Missing persons

  • Infidelity

  • Health and welfare checks

  • Animal cruelty cases

  • Civil litigations


For inquiries unrelated to the categories above, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Consult with a Private Investigator

At Dusty Rose Investigations, the initial consultation is key. During this entirely non-committal and confidential discussion, your private investigator will speak with you about the details of your case and address all its complexities and nuances. You and your PI will establish the basic, concise questions you need answered, and your PI will candidly explain their recommended techniques to procure them. You can expect an honest assessment of the job from your PI—they will prepare you for various situations and outcomes. Together, you will set the project’s parameters and scope, and come up with a detailed plan of action, which will include a clear timeline and precise payment terms. Nothing will be left to guesswork. Remember, your consultation is a highly secure and judgment-free dialogue. You will feel safe and protected from beginning to end.

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Meet Your Private Investigator

Tina Schwarz is the founder and acting president of Dusty Rose Investigations and a TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators)-accredited private investigator with a reputation for excellence in the Northern Texas region. Her resume boasts a long history of specialized training and education, including a diploma in Professional Private Investigations from PDI and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Forensic Sciences). Tina leverages 30+ years of firsthand experience in the transportation industry to provide sector-specific investigative services that align with Federal Government and DOT standards.  With laser-sharp focus, intuitive skill, and keen observation, Tina maintains superior communication and collaboration with her clients to deliver best-outcome solutions, time and time again.

Private Investigative Services

Confidentiality and security underpin all of DRI’s operations. You can expect your private investigator to protect your personal information to the highest degree with secure computer software and digital technology. If you would like to remain anonymous throughout the investigation, DRI has a system in place to make that possible.

Contact an Investigator Today

Get professional third-party assistance with Dusty Rose Investigations and uncover the facts at a fair price. DRI is uniquely positioned to lend a hand in a diverse range of private matters. Continually growing and surpassing client expectations, Dusty Rose Investigations is open and operating throughout Northern Texas.

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