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Private Detective in Sherman


At Dusty Rose Investigations, we make your personal investigations our business, and we look forward to solving the case. Whether you are concerned about a marital affair, a traffic violation, or the fraudulent use of insurance money, our team will work with you closely to uncover the facts.


We have been working in this business for decades, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.


To learn more about what we offer or to schedule an appointment with our experts today, dial (903) 647-2996.

Schedule a Meeting with Our Private Investigator

Before we can begin the investigation, we need to get a keen understanding of the situation. When you contact us about hiring a PI, we will schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.


During this meeting, we will discuss the circumstances and understand why you are looking to hire a detective. We can give you a run-down of how we can help and what the investigation will look like.


We will be happy to answer your questions and address concerns from the get-go, so please bring them forward to us.


Get the Bottom of Any Case with Our Private Investigation Company

No matter the nature of your case, our experts would be happy to take it on. Over the years, we’ve grown our practice and are proud to be able to deal with a wide range of cases, including:

  • Missing person cases

  • Fraud and insurance

  • Transportation investigations

  • Domestic affairs

  • Criminal investigations

  • Surveillance

  • Background checks

  • Health and welfare checks

  • Animal cruelty


No matter where your concerns lie, our discreet and professional team will find the facts and help you move forward with your case appropriately.


If you’re ready to prioritize the matter at hand, reach us and book a meeting today.

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Thorough, Confidential Private Investigation

Our detectives make your privacy our priority when conducting thorough investigations. We will perform our services confidentially while paying close attention to every detail – we won’t miss a beat!


Competitive Rates on Private Investigation Services

Some folks shy away from hiring a professional investigator, thinking it will be simply too expensive, but our team is proud to offer some of the best rates on private investigation in the state and we’d be happy to provide you with detailed pricing information from the get-go.


Contact %COMPANY%, one of the area’s best detective agencies, to get a quote.


Reach the State’s Best Private Detective Today

While there are other private investigation companies in the area, %COMPANY% is confident we’re the best choice. Not only are we proudly a woman-owned organization, but we have over thirty years of experience in the business. We have seen all kinds of cases unfold, and we’re sure we can get to the bottom of yours swiftly.


With affordable rates, experienced detectives and a passion for finding answers, our team is ready to serve you, so please reach us about domestic affairs, criminal investigations, fraud, surveillance, and everything in between.


We look forward to doing business with you!


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