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About Dusty Rose Investigations

Dusty Rose Investigations is a full-service and woman-owned private investigation agency with a track record of success for delivering spot-on investigative results. Owned and operated by licensed investigator Tina Schwarz, Dusty Rose Investigations specializes in the transportation industry. Ms. Schwarz leverages three decades of niche experience in the transportation field and frequently performs investigative work concerning issues like cargo theft, truck accidents, and pre-employment background checks. She is intimately familiar with the transportation sector’s rules and regulations from the Federal Government and DOT. She draws insight and information from her long, award-winning career in the transportation field, during which time she won multiple safety accolades.

Head Private Investigator

Tina Schwarz is the founder and president of Dusty Rose Investigations. She is an accredited member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators. On top of her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Forensic Sciences), she also earned a diploma in Professional Private Investigations from PDI in Denton, Texas. Tina offers her specialized education and certifications throughout the state of Texas, however, the bulk of her work is in the Northern Texas area.

Her capabilities as an investigator extend far beyond the transportation sector. As a fast-growing business, Tina has expanded her service list to include a broad array of additional investigative focuses, including, but not limited to:

  • Surveillance

  • Missing persons

  • Infidelity

  • Health and welfare checks

  • Animal cruelty cases

  • Civil litigations


Dusty Rose Investigations exists to bring light and understanding to real-life problems. The belief that underpins all DRI’s private operations is that every case is a jigsaw puzzle—its missing pieces can (and will) be found.

Image by Michelle Ding

Distinguished Private Investigative Services

Tina is distinguished in her area of expertise for her unwavering commitment to her clients. She maintains strict confidentiality with all her customers and lends unrivaled guidance to even the most complex and unusual cases. As a born multi-tasker, she masterfully manages large caseloads and conducts comprehensive investigations with skill, acute observations, and vigor.

True to her honest and transparent methods, Tina offers her clients obligation-free consultations. She understands the hesitation and concerns that some clients face when hiring an investigator and believes that with a candid dialogue, she can bring value and, ultimately, get answers for every case that comes her way. While maintaining a professional demeanor from start to finish, Tina is also extremely personable, bringing genuine care and sensitivity to the table. Clients continually commend her services as a perfect combination of a results-driven attitude and client-focused action.

At Dusty Rose Investigations, investigation is compliant, discreet, and affordable. Ms. Schwarz is adamant that the company abides by industry rules and standards from start to finish. She completes every job with a sound and secure presentation of evidence that, time and time again, brings clarity and resolution to issues of all kinds.

Committed to safety and justice, consider Dusty Rose Investigations your reputable source for high-quality investigative services. Tina pledges to provide practical advice, sound strategies, and an organized effort to get the answers you seek.

Enlist the services of a foremost investigation agency today.


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